Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Free Maps

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On this page you’ll find a selection of free battlemaps and encounter maps created for the D&D Wizards of the Coast 5E campaign Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. These are reworks of official B/W maps included in the official campaign, fully colorized, furnished and primed for use on digital tabletops such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

To download a free map in full resolution, click on the map and then ‘view in full size’ in the bottom right corner, before right-clicking and choosing ‘Save as…’

These maps are free for non-commercial personal use and will continue to be so. If you want more maps as well as advice on how to run Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for your players, you might also like our best-selling and top-rated Dungeons & Dragons DM’s Resources for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist on the DM’s Guild.

We hope you get good use out of the maps and that your party has great fun in Waterdeep (on full-color maps, no less!)

Chapter 4: Dragon Season

Trollskull Manor and Dock Ward Day Map

3 thoughts

  1. Hi, I’m currently running dragon heist, we’re in chapter 2 running through Hatred Surfacing. I’m looking for Deepwater street and boat street on the waterdeep map. I saw in your mission packet that there is a docks ward map, but it’s just an encounter map, it doesn’t show where the taverns are in the docks ward. My players wanted to know exactly where they were, and we spent 30 minutes tonight of me digging through the mission packet and trying to draw on our precious hardcover book’s folding map, without permanently defacing it. But we ended up putting the pickled fisherman on sail street near coin alley, and selunes smile on tarnished silver alley.


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