Tomb of Annihilation DM’s Bundle


All published Eventyr Games’ advice, maps, cheatsheets, and other DM’s Resources for Tomb of Annihilation.

  • 30+ pages of tips, troubleshooting, and additional content.
  • 20+ encounter maps in full color.
  • Five top-rated, best selling adventures for Tomb of Annihilation.

Get all the critically acclaimed and best selling Eventyr Games DM’s resources for Tomb of Annihilation in a bundle and save more than 33%!

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All published Eventyr Games DM’s Resources for Tomb of Annihilation. Shave time off your preparation and be inspired to create even more memorable game sessions with advice, guides, encounter maps, handouts, cheatsheets and much more! 

This product contains:

  • Running Tomb of Annihilation. A 34 page PDF containing guides, structure, overview, suggestions and troubleshooting for all five chapters, which will help you prepare the most amazing Tomb of Annihilation-campaign for your players!
  • 5 Chult Adventures.  Enhance your campaign with five unique and immersive adventures that fleshes out several of Chult’s most interesting locations, complete with maps, new monsters, magic items, and much more!
  • 20+ Encounter Maps. Full-color battlemaps in both gridded and ungridded versions primed for virtual tabletops, that will help you run great encounters in both the jungles and cities of Chult – including maps by Tehox Maps, DrMapzo, Afternoon Maps, and Tactical Master.
  • Monster Stat Blocks. Pages and pages of monster stat blocks covering Chapters 3–5, neatly arranged together on pages, so you don’t have to flip through several books.
  • DM’s Notes. Neatly condensed notes of all locations in Chapters 3–5 for easy use at the table. Also includes a Tomb of Annihilation Cheatsheet with handy notes about the campaign’s plot, and travel in Chult

Get all the critically acclaimed and best selling PDFs, maps, and other resources in a bundle and save more than 33%!