Nybor’s Tome of Enchantments


Nybor’s Tome of Enchantments contains:

  • 99 new magic items – armor, weapons, and wondrous items
  • An automated magic item card PDF and 24 sample item cards
  • A system for rolling your own magic items from 250+ enchantments
  • Expanded rules for crafting and enchanting magic armor

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The definitive compendium of magic items for 5E D&D

Nybor’s Tome of Enchantments covers all your magic items needs with 99 new and unique magic items, a quick and easy-to-use system for creating magic items using 250+ magical properties, and an automated item card generator!

  • A complete guide to creating unique magic items using the 250+ enchantments in the book
  • Expanded magic item crafting rules for player characters using recipes, specific spells, and exotic ingredients
  • 33 unique and flavorful magic shields and suits of armor ready-to-use in your game
  • Outfit your eldritch knight with a battlemage’s armor or beef up your frontliner with the legion steady shield
  • 33 unique and flavorful magic weapons for all types of characters
  • Sow dissent among your enemies with the magic sickle strife or get hype with the adventurous longsword brightcheer
  • 33 unique and flavorful wondrous items for warriors and casters – and everyone in between!
  • Take charge with the cloak of command or cut through your foe’s defenses with the empowering rod
  • 250+ magic properties of varying power and rarity
  • Each enchantment can be a magic item on its own – or combined to create unique and powerful magic items
  • Make class features pop with class enchantments, add flavor with common enchantments, tease your players with curse enchantments, and give your weapons personality with sentient enchantments
Extra content
  • Item card generator – an automated PDF file that lets you create item cards using enchantments and completely customize them!
  • Sample item cards for 24 items – ready to print out at home!
  • Rolling tables to help you create magic items at random and recipes that lets player characters enchant magic items on their own