Mystra’s Secret

This location-based adventure offers a full day of adventure for 3 to 5 characters of 1st level and a decent challenge for groups of higher levels. It has random encounters, kobolds carrying arcane diseases, troublemaking faerie dragons, rhyming riddles, ancient guardians and new magical items. Perfect as a starting point for a new campaign – or as a fun one-shot!

This download includes:

  • A full adventure – a full day of adventure for 1st level characters.
  • 3 battlemaps –VTT-ready maps in full-color showing upper and lower portions of the Temple of Blue Stones, as well a map for random forest encounters.
  • New creatures – pit the characters against a wounded owlbear, unraveled kobolds, a spelltouched lizard, and an arcane guardian.
  • New items – outfit the characters with blue stonesblueleaf potions, breastplate of luck, booming longsword and the shard of Mystra.