Larloch’s Lexicon of Lichdom

In this 36-page document, every facet of the lich’s undead existence is examined and expanded upon, giving both DMs and players the tools they need to handle liches in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. This product contains:

  • Lich Lore. Everything the DM needs to know to run an interesting lich villain in their game!
  • Become a lich. Advice, rules and Lich Feats that will allow player characters to become liches.
  • 14 New Liches. Challenge the party with lesser liches, non-wizard liches (lich bard, anyone?) and some of Faerûn’s most legendary liches!
  • 9 New Magic Items. Inspire your game with 9 new powerful magic items for liches and would-be-lich-killers.
  • 2 Lich Lairs. Challenge your players with the ‘Citadel of the Blood Lord’ or the ‘Dire Wood Cavern’, both complete with a full-color map (inspired by Maps by Dyson Logos), magic traps, evil henchmen, and lich villains!