A Traitor in Our Midst

This adventure for 1st-level characters include:

  • A seven page adventure. A story in three parts with a fleshed-out encounter for each part, spanning a full adventuring day and engaging your players in all three pillars of D&D: combat, social interaction and exploration.
  • NPC Notes. Each important NPC in the adventure has their own set of brief notes, helping you quickly memorize their description, personality, background, bonds and goals.
  • Encounter Sheets. No more paging through several different books and pages. Encounter Sheets have all the information you need about the encounter, as well as the statblocks for any creatures involved in it. All on the same page!
  • DM’s Notes. Let’s be honest. A seven page adventure in small fonts isn’t the most handy thing at the table. So to make it easy for you, this adventure comes with a single sheet of DM’s notes that summarizes each part of the adventure, as well as any DC’s, important information, traps and so on – all ready and condensed for use at the table!
  • Three maps. a custom map for each encounter, in gridded and ungridded versions, primed for digital use.