Top 5 Most Fun Celestials in 5E – And How to Use Them

Celestials are awesome, but as a DM it’s easier said than done to figure out ways for angel and unicorns to ever want to fight the party. So, in this article, we’re giving you the top 5 celestials in 5E – and, equally important, tips on how you can implement them in your game!

Top 10 Tips to Make Gods & Religion Matter in D&D 5E

In a world where the existence of gods is an undeniable fact, it seems strange how often faith, religion, and everything in between have little or no importance in 5E D&D – which isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the lack of resources in official D&D publications.

So, we decided to share our top 10 tips to make the divine a fun and interesting part of your game!

Resurrection in 5E D&D: 3 Tips to Make Character Deaths more Tense!

Dying is a pretty big part of life, yet the wide access to resurrection spells can easily transform the death of a character to nothing more than a nuisance – and thus take away tension from your 5E D&D adventure! So, in this article, we give you 3 alternative ways of dealing with resurrection that’ll make character deaths much more tense.

Most Fun CR 1/2 Monsters in 5E D&D

Not all weak monsters are bland and boring! In this article, we’re sharing our picks for the most fun monsters with Challenge Rating 1/2 in 5E Dungeons & Dragons.

Most Fun CR 2 Monsters for 5E D&D!

It’s a difficult task to find monsters with a low Challenge rating that aren’t bland and boring – so, in this article we’re giving you our picks for the most fun and tactically engaging monsters with a Challenge Rating of 2 in 5E Dungeons & Dragons!

Most fun CR 1 monsters in 5e D&D

It’s always a challenge to find fun monsters to pit against a group of low-level characters, so in this article we’re lending you a hand with our list of the most interesting and fun CR 1 monsters in 5E D&D!

Rewarding the PCs in 5E D&D

As a DM, I love to see my players’ faces light up with excitement when they receive awesome loot – it’s one of the biggest joys of playing 5E D&D! Too often, however, rewards fall flat, create imbalances, or become repetitive or oversaturated. In this article, we’ll discuss how to reward the player characters and what rewards to give your PCs in 5E!