DM’s Tips

Rewarding the PCs in 5E D&D

As a DM, I love to see my players’ faces light up with excitement when they receive awesome loot – it’s one of the biggest joys of playing 5E D&D! Too often, however, rewards fall flat, create imbalances, or become repetitive or oversaturated. In this article, we’ll discuss how to reward the player characters and what rewards to give your PCs in 5E!

Top 10 Most Fun Magic Items in 5E D&D

Videos and articles on magic items are usually all about “the most powerful 5E magic items”, but I think it’s just as important to know which magic items are the most FUN to give the player characters. So that’s what we will be looking at in this article: the most fun 5E magic items that (probably) won’t break your game or create huge imbalances between the player characters!

The Ultimate Guide to Puzzles in 5E D&D

Presenting the party with a puzzle is a great way to challenge your players in D&D 5E beyond the standard hack-and-slash monster encounter – but coming up with a fun puzzle that is neither too hard nor too easy and is easily implemented in your adventure can be a challenge on its own! So, in this guide, we walk you through how to make awesome puzzles in 5E – and share an easy-to-use collection of them.

How to play as a Vampire in 5e

This article provides the DM with a toolkit that’ll allow player characters to play as an actual vampire without breaking the balance of the game!

Top 15 Most Scary Monsters in D&D

From the deepest layers of the Abyss to alien monsters from unknown realms and other worlds, this article lists the 15 scariest monsters in 5e D&D – and explains what makes them terrifying!

Top 15 Best Feats in D&D

Feats is a great tool to design a fun and unique character in D&D 5E, but with more than 80 to choose from, finding just the right feat for your character is easier said than done. So, we’re trying to make it a little easier by providing our take on the top 15 feats in D&D 5E!