No adventure is complete without a DELVE into a dungeon filled with devious traps, monstrous challenges, and sweet, sweet loot!

DELVE is a complete guide to building and surviving deadly dungeons with 200+ pages of dungeon-building tools and plug-and-play dungeons and more monsterstreasuresplayer optionsand traps than you can shake a 10-foot pole at!

Want dungeons that are funthrilling, and easy-to-run without hours of tedious prep? DELVE is your guide – available for both 5E Dungeons & Dragons and Shadowdark RPG!

DELVE is a 200+ page sourcebook for both 5E & Shadowdark published by Eventyr Games and Bob World Builder, which features 10+ dungeons, 40+ monsters, 40+ magic items, 40+ traps and hazards, new dungeon-inspired player options, and more!
We’ve partnered with Bob World Builder to bring you DELVE, a guide to building and running dungeons for 5E and Shadowdark RPG. With unique and innovative presentation, each of the 10+ plug-and-play dungeons in DELVE is easy to run and can be adapted to any campaign.
Of course, no dungeon is complete without exciting monsters, devious traps, and awesome loot – which is why we’ve got contributions from some of the coolest creators in the game, including DND ShortsDungeon DadGinny Di, and Pointy Hat.

So don’t wait, head on over to Kickstarter and make your pledge for DELVE today!

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