The Creator’s Compendium & Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities for 5e D&D is Live on Kickstarter

The Creator’s Compendium & the 5E supplement Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities is LIVE on Kickstarter

From frost-spewing volcanoes to spacetime-warping wormholes, The Creator’s Compendium is a 200+ page guide to the wonders of the cosmos, for storytellers, gamemasters, writers, and anyone else curious about the Universe!

Written by Chris Spradlin, a math and science teacher with a Ph.D. in astrophysics, it tackles complex science with humor, stunning art, and visual aids – and provides an easy-to-use toolbox for creating exciting worlds and stories.

Launching as part of the Kickstarter campaign and co-written by Eventyr Games is Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities – a 5E D&D supplement filled with alien monsters, magic items, new player races, and cosmic challenges inspired by The Creator’s Compendium and designed specifically for the fifth edition of Dungeon & Dragons. 

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here – and pledge within the first 72 hours to get FREE early bird rewards! 

Make a pledge for The Creator’s Compendium NOW and get two free bookmarks – and grab the Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities hardcover to also get a FREE treasure booster filled with magic items for D&D 5E!

The Creator’s Compendium unpacks the cosmos’ most thought-provoking concepts and asks the “What if” questions that spark one’s imagination. What kind of worlds could exist in a star system with two suns? How would life evolve on a world half as large as Earth? And what happens to a planet when its star dies?

The book is divided into four sections that—step-by-step—take you on a journey through the known Universe:

  • ASTRONOMER’S ALMANAC is a who’s who of basic astronomy, covering everything from stars and moons to the conditions for life on other planets. 
  • TINKERER’S TOOLBOX explores the mind-boggling concepts of the cosmos – from wormholes and terraforming to supernovae and other world-ending events.
  • STORYTELLER’S STUDY provides four unique sample worlds and strange settings using the topics covered in the book’s first sections. 
  • BUILDER’S BLUEPRINT gives you everything you need to build astounding and realistic worlds from the literal ground up – including easy-to-use checklists, roll tables with adjustable features for star systems, planets, and much, much more!

Want to learn more? Check out the Kickstarter page here and grab a sample from each of the book’s sections! 

Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities brings the cosmic concepts explored in The Creator’s Compendium to 5E D&D!

Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities is a 5E supplement that turns the cosmic concepts explored in The Creator’s Compendium into 64+ pages of unique content for the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

It includes 20+ cosmic monsters, 30+ unique magic items, new races, subclasses, and feats for player characters – as well as a plethora of cosmic challenges such as wormholes, meteorites, and geomagnetic storms, and rules for handling different levels of gravity or exposure to lethal doses of radiation! 

Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities is launching as part of the Kickstarter campaign and is available in PDF and hardcover format – and will have more content added as stretch goals are unlocked! If you’ve ever wanted to wield a Neutronium Maul or pit your party against a pack of gravity-adapted ionyxes, this is definitely for you! 

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here and grab a free sample from Mareesha’s Cosmic Curiosities – and, if you like what you’re seeing, pledge for a copy! But don’t sleep on it too long – if you pledge for it within the first 72 hours of the campaign, you get a FREE treasure hoard booster with magic items for 5E D&D! 

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