Best Magic Items for Warlocks in 5E D&D

In this article, we’re sharing our picks of the top 10 best magic items for warlocks in 5E D&D! As always, we’ll present our picks in no particular order and focus on magic items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide

1. Rod of the Pact Keeper

A rod of the pact keeper is definitely one of the best magic items for warlocks in 5E D&D! In a similar fashion to a robe of the archmagi, this rod increases your spell save DC, which is incredibly powerful – and something very few magic items do in 5E D&D, especially those featured in the Dungeon Master’s Guide

Of course, one could argue that your spell save DC is significantly less important as a warlock than, say, a wizard, but luckily a rod of the pact keeper has you sorted out as its bonus also extends to your spell attacks – which is what you want for your bread and butter cantrip, eldritch blast. The exact bonus depends on the rod’s rarity, with the uncommon version granting a +1 bonus, the rare version a more significant but not completely broken +2 bonus, and the very rare version giving you an utterly insane +3 bonus to your spell attacks and spell save DC.

As icing on the top, a rod of the pack keeper also lets you regain one warlock spell slot as an action once per day, which is a really nice added bonus to a magic item that’s already best in class for warlocks! 

2. Wands & Staffs that lets you cast spells!

best magic items for warlocks in 5e

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Being limited to two spells per short rest (until level 11, at least) is arguably one of the warlock’s greatest weaknesses in comparison to other spellcasters – and even if eldritch blast somewhat compensates for this, a bit more magical versatility is really useful. That’s where magic wands and staffs that let you cast spells enter the picture!

While a wand of fireball, a wand of lightning bolts, a staff of fire, or a staff of cold give you access to powerful spells that can deal damage to a large group of creatures when your eldritch blast is coming up short, a wand of polymorph or a wand of binding gives you versatility in other ways, all of which are awesome for you.

Out of these wands and staffs, a legendary staff of magi and a staff of power are the most powerful options – but really, any magic item that grants you access to additional spells is a great fit for your warlock! 

3. Ring of Spell Storing

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A ring of spell storing is another magic item that’s great due to warlocks’ limited number of spell slots. The ring basically lets you store up to five levels worth of spells in it, so whenever you have a spare spell slot, you can fill the ring up with it to vastly increase the number of spells you can cast in a single combat. 

Once you reach level 5 and all your spells are cast using a 3rd-level slot, you’ll only be able to fit a single one of your spells in it – which is still significant – but the thing is that anyone can fill this ring up with their spells. So, if you have a good relationship with your party’s wizard or cleric, you can just ask them to fill it up with their spells! 

This is huge for warlocks. Since you only have two spells per short rest until level 11, you’ll probably find yourself increasingly reluctant to justify spending your precious magic on low-level spells as you level up – meaning that you’ll forego using awesome spells that don’t scale well, such as mirror imagemisty step, and shield. Well, with this ring, you can just ask your party’s wizard to do it – or ask your priest-buddy for cure wounds or bless

An ioun stone of reserve deserves an honorable mention here as it does the same (making it great) but can store fewer levels worth of spells than a ring of spell storing (making it less great, especially if you’re a high-level warlock since they it even be able to fit a single one of your 5th-level spells). In the same alley, we also have a pearl of power that lets you regain an expended spell slot as an action – although the new slot is 3rd level if the expended one was of 4th level or higher, which seems a bit strange for a warlock. It is what it is, I guess.

4. Glamoured Studded Leather & Elven Chain

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Unlike wizards and sorcerers, warlocks have proficiency in light armor, which is awesome considering mage armor isn’t on the warlock’s spell list (and, even if it was, you probably wouldn’t want to spend your spell slots on it). So, unless you’re planning to pick up the Armor of Shadows eldritch invocation, any armor that can boost your AC and make you a bit more durable is a great fit. 

My personal favorite is a glamoured studded leather – a +1 studded leather with the flavorful feature of letting you change its appearance as a bonus action. Another option is an elven chain, which is a +1 chain shirt that doesn’t require proficiency in medium armor – and would grant you 1 higher AC than a glamoured studded leather unless your Dexterity score is really high for some reason. 

Note that if you’re a hexblade warlock or have proficiency in medium armor for some other reason, neither of these magic items will do you any good as you can (and should) wear a half-plate instead. If not, they’re pretty great! Of course, there are also other great magic items that’ll make you harder to hit, such as a cloak of protection and a ring of protection, both of which gives you a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws. I just like a glamoured studded leather!

5. Wand of the War Mage

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A wand of the war mage gives you a bonus to your spell attacks based on the wand’s rarity, and although surprisingly few spells in 5E D&D require you to make a spell attack, gaining a bonus to hit with your eldritch blast alone is an incredible buff for a warlock! 

Like a rod of the pact keeper, the wand’s bonus depends on its rarity (the uncommon version gives a +1 bonus, the rare version raises it to +2, and the very rare version gives an amazing +3 bonus). Whatever the rarity the wands also let you ignore half-cover when making a spell attack, which is a great added bonus. 

Obviously, a wand of the war mage isn’t quite as powerful as a rod of the pact keeper as it doesn’t raise your spell save DC or let you regain a warlock spell slot, but it’s arguably still one of the best magic items for warlocks in 5E D&D. Plus, there’s nothing standing in the way of attuning to both of them at the same time – except for a sane DM – as their bonuses would stack. 

6. Broom of Flying and Winged Boots

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You’ll probably be using eldritch blast a lot, but why not do it from a safe distance high up in the air?

Flying is pretty neat for any class in 5E D&D, but with a 120 feet range on eldritch blast (or 300 feet with the Eldritch Spear invocation), a broom of flying or a pair of winged boots allows you to blast your enemies with eldritch force from a safe distance – making either of these items incredible a warlock.

Personally, I’m not too big a big fan of taking my games into full 3d-mode by handing out items that let the characters almost constantly fly, but objectively speaking, even a less powerful magic item that lets you fly such as wings of flying (which is rarer than the other two for some reason) would be great for a warlock! 

7. Amulet of Health

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An amulet of health is a simple yet incredibly powerful magic item that sets your Constitution score to 19 while wearing it. As you’ll have to prioritize between raising your Charisma score, picking up various cool feats, and, hopefully, also putting a few points into Constitution, Dexterity, and other ability scores that fit your character, an amulet of health is a godsend! Aside from increasing your hit points and freeing up resources for other stuff, a high Constitution score also comes with the added benefit of making you better at concentrating on spells, such as hex!

8. Ioun Stone of Mastery & Ioun Stone of Leadership

Ioun stones are magic stones that orbit your head and grant various benefits based on the type of stone. If you think that sounds cool, I’m here to tell you that an ioun stone of leadership gives you a +2 bonus to your Charisma score, making it a pretty cool magic item for a warlock – unless you already have 20 Charisma as it can’t take you higher than that. There is over 20 of these magic stones in 5E D&D, but the real gem is a legendary ioun stone of mastery which simply increases your proficiency bonus by 1 – an incredible buff for almost any class, warlocks included! 

9. Tome of Leadership and Influence

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tome of leadership and influence increases your current and maximum Charisma score by 2, which is obviously a huge buff for a Charimsa-based class. I’m personally not a big fan of the whole concept of increasing an ability score simply by reading a book for a few days, but it’s definitely one of the best magic items for warlocks in 5E D&D!

10. Illusionist's Bracers

Even if it isn’t from the Dungeon Master’s Guide, it’d be amiss if I didn’t include illusionist’s bracers on a list of the best magic items for warlocks in 5E D&D as these beautifully overpowered bracers literally double down on what (most) warlocks do best – cast eldritch blast.

Whenever you cast a cantrip while wearing these bracers, you can use a bonus action to cast that same cantrip again, effectively doubling your damage with eldritch blast. Since eldritch blast basically already lets you do damage on par with martial classes, this is an insanely powerful buff! 

To illustrate just how crazy these very rare bracers are, you’d be able to shoot a total of eight beams of 1d10 force damage each at level 17. Assuming your Charisma score is 20 and you’ve picked up the Agonizing Blast invocation, that’s an average of 84 force damage on each of your turns! If you’ve also used hex on the target, the average damage increases to 112 – and if you’ve used a 5th-level spirit shroud instead, this grows to a wobbling 156 damage!

In comparison, a 6th-level disintegrate spell deals 75 force damage on average – and a 17th-level fighter with 20 Strength and a +3 greatsword would ‘only’ average a bit over 100 damage on a turn when using Action Surge! 

In other words, these bracers are crazily overpowered. I love them. If you’re a DM, you should probably avoid giving them to your party’s warlock, unless you give some serious loot to the rest of the party as well!  


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That’s it for our list of the top 10 best magic items for warlocks in 5E D&D!

I should probably mention that I’ve steered clear of powerful legendary magic items such as a robe of the archmagi or cloak of invisibility as well as plain but powerful magic items such as a +3 studded leather. The main reason for this is that I want to focus on magic items that are fun, flavorful, and within reach for people who aren’t necessarily running a high-level, high-magic campaign.

In any case, let us know in the comments if you agree with our picks of the best magic items for warlocks in 5E – and, if you’re as fond of magic items as we are, check out our deck of printed magic item card handouts for the 300 most iconic 5E D&D magic items!

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