Magical Marvels is coming to Kickstarter!

Magic’s feeling a bit stale? Well, Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels (5E) has got the cure!

With 100+ pages of arcane artisans, mysterious rewards, and cryptic challenges, this new 5e D&D sourcebook has everything the discerning DM needs to enhance their 5E game:

  • Artisan NPCs. Ready-to-use arcane artisan NPCs that will enchant and entice the characters with runic crafting, volatile spellmarks, and hazardous hexes!
  • Adventures. Survive the spellwarped ruins, venture into the runemaster’s dungeon, and lift the hexcrafter’s cruel curse
  • Magic Items. Fully-illustrated magic items with flavorful new mechanics and themes – from runecarved prosthetics, cursed creations, and unstable artifacts to upgradeable relics and item sets
  • Monsters & Challenges. From hexbound creatures, magical monsters, and runewrought terrors to arcane traps and puzzles
  • Milando’s Miscellany. Alternate rules and enhanced guidelines for all things magical – enchanting items with runes, cruel curses and afflictions, and more!

Check out Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels!

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