The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Complete DM’s Bundle & Map Pack

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight has been released – and so has Eventyr Games‘ Complete DM’s Bundle* for the campaign!

The bundle gives you everything a DM needs to run The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, including VTT-ready Feywild maps, advice, troubleshooting, cheatsheets, magic items, and more!

Get the Complete DM’s Bundle for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight!

Whether you’re an experienced veteran or a new DM, running an official D&D 5E campaign can be a challenge. With this bundle of DM’s resources, we aim to make running The Wild Beyond the Witchlight more fun for both the DM and the players!

For more than five years, Eventyr Games have been publishing DM’s resources for official 5E campaigns, and we’re continuing the trend with The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. We’re doing it a bit differently this time, as we are publishing the Complete DM’s Bundle at launch, and will then fill it in with DM’s resources for each chapter as they are published (at no extra cost!).

If you’re not ready to splurge on the Complete DM’s Bundle just yet, you can also pick up just the DM’s Resources for Into the Feywild (the adventure’s introductory chapter) here, and the DM’s Resources for The Witchlight Carnival here.

A Feywild Map Pack is just one of the many things you get from the Complete Bundle of DM’s Resources for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight!

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