Adventure for 5E Dungeons & Dragons

The Wyrm’s Lie 5E Adventure + Free White Dragon Lair Map!

We are happy to announce that we have released a new independent adventure for fifth edition D&D: The Wyrm’s Lie.


The Wyrm’s Lie is a setting-neutral 4-8 hour adventure for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying game that can be run for parties of 7th–15th level, featuring draconic deception, questions of morality, fanatical lizardfolk, and – most importantly – deadly dragons!

The download includes:

20-page PDF – everything you need to run the adventure, including a background, summary, adventure hooks, and full location descriptions.

Lizardfolk Camp Map 30×40 – a full-color map in ungridded, gridded, and DM’s versions showing a lizardfolk camp by the industrious Matteo Galassi from TehoXMaps. Support Matteo and get more variations of the Lizardfolk Camp map by supporting his Patreon.

Red Dragon’s Lair Map 40×52 – a full-color map in ungridded, gridded, and DM’s versions showing a red dragon’s lair.

DM’s Notes – cheatsheets summarizing out the adventure in shorthand, because running adventures is hard – and we want to make it just a bit easier for you!

• Item Card Handouts – handouts of 9 magic items the characters can come into possession of, that you can print out and give to your players or share on your VTT of choice!

New & Variant Creatures – complete statblocks for all creatures that can be encountered in the adventure, including variant dragons.


All Eventyr Games patrons get 20% off on this adventure – and Mythical Patrons get the entire adventure for free!

Free White Dragon Lair Map

To celebrate the release of The Wyrm’s Lie, we’ve also decided to give away this free map variant of the dragon’s lair.

It could work as the lair of an ancient white dragon – such as the white dragon Arveiaturace from the adventure Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden – or just another frosty dragon of your choosing. Or, if you’re feeling rebellious, you can also stick any ol’ creature in there – it’s certainly big enough to fit most of the monsters in the Monster Manual.

If you want the map in a higher resolution, without a grid, in other variants (we got base, red, and black also on hand), as well as a PDF with a 2-page sample description of the lair, or just want to show your support, we’d love to have you over at – or you can just enjoy your free map, and that’s totally fine, too!

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