Icewind Dale Battlemap

Free Icewind Dale River Crossing Encounter Map

We have just put out our second set of DM’s resources for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, covering Chapter 2: Icewind Dale. Let’s celebrate with a free map!

The DM’s resources contain troubleshooting, advice on encounter difficulty, encounter tables & sheets, an Icewind Dale cheatsheet, and much more – including a handful of battlemaps in various versions. 

Free Icewind Dale Battlemap

This 20×20 encounter map shows a wooden bridge crossing a frozen river, and is made with map assets from Mike Schley, Dungeondraft, and Photoshop (for full resolution and ungridded versions, check out the DM’s resources for Chapter 2: Icewind Dale).

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