Free Avernus Dungeondraft map!

If you ever frequent Reddit’s various D&D-subreddits, you’ve probably heard about Dungeondraft. It’s a really cool piece of mapmaking software with a very affordable pricetag (19.95$). Anyway, I downloaded it, played around with it a little, and came up with an additional Avernus encounter map. It’s nothing fancy, but it was quick to make – and that’s the genius of Dungeondraft, in my opinion. You can find it below in a gridded and ungridded version (48×27 and 150 px).

I’ll also use this opportunity to give a little heads up to everyone who’s downloaded the Complete DM’s Bundle for Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus. Because of issues with our old layout solution, which made it hard to make quick edits, we have decided to do a massive overhaul of the main documents – redesigning a bit, doing some additional proofreading, making minor (barely noticeable) changes, and reducing file sizes while improving document quality.

While doing that, we’ve also added in some extra goodies to the bundle, including two additional encounters you can use in Chapter 1 to make the chapter a bit less railroady, and – now – also this new encounter map.

Anyway, that’s it for this one. I hope you’re doing well and keeping above water during these crazy times (are you as tired of that sentence as I am?).

J. A. Valeur

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