Infernal War Machine Cheat Sheet

One of the coolest things about Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus is the infernal war machine. Going all out Mad Max-style in frantic chases across the plains of Avernus is D&D at its finest!

The rules for running combat and chases with infernal war machines, however, does have a bit of a learning curve. That became immediately apparent while we were playtesting Bitter Rivals, our newest adventure for Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus.

So to make things a bit easier for DMs running the adventure (which features both infernal war machine combat and chases) we’ve created a handy Infernal War Machine Cheat Sheet. It’s not just for DMs – you can also hand them out to your players, so everyone knows what is going on.

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While the adventure itself will set you back 2,99$ on the DM’s Guild (unless you have already bought our Complete DM’s Bundle for BG:DiA, in which case it’s been added to your download already!), you can go ahead and download the Infernal War Machine Cheat Sheet as a PDF right here!

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J. A. Valeur

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  1. Is map scale listed anywhere? I’m running a group through Bitter Rivals and they are about to go to Bitter Breaths camp. Is it 5 feet per square or 10?

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