Top 10 Magic Items for Barbarians in 5E D&D

Figuring out what magic items best fit your character in 5E D&D isn’t straightforward when you have literally hundreds of magic items to choose from, so, in this article, we’ll help out the barbarians by sharing our list of the top 10 best magic items for barbarians in 5E D&D!

Fun Spells for Monsters in 5e D&D – How to Pick Awesome Spells for your NPCs!

Designing a spell list for monster can be a daunting task – and too often we just end up picking powerful but terribly boring spells instead of spells that’ll make for fun encounters for everyone at the table, which is really what D&D is about. So, in this article, we’ll go over the various pit falls when designing spell lists for NPCs – and share our tips and tricks for picking (and creating!) awesome spells for your monsters.